JULY 2019

The Indigo Collection is available at the following stores:
John Derian Company, New York City
Sue Fisher King, San Francisco
Karen Harlow for the Home, Palm Springs, California 


How to purchase: email me your selections with shipping info and any questions and I’ll get right back to you with an invoice.
More detailed pictures available upon request.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for there are more pieces in the studio that aren’t listed on the website!
Each piece is one of a kind, made by me alone. 


Indigo Curvy Vases
Left: 8¾"h × 7"w, $525;    Center: 8¼" × 7"h, $525;   Right: 9"h × 6¼"w, $525


Indigo Mini Bowls
3½"h × 4½"w
$110 each
Finish varies from piece to piece
Interior colors are glossy indigo, dark persimmon, and white stone

Indigo Collection Tumbler Vases
(L) 7¼"h × 3¾"w, $265; (R) 7¼"h × 4"w, $265


Indigo Pedestal Vases
Left: 9½"h × 5½"w, $595;    Center: 8½"h × 5¾"w, $565;    Right: 10"h × 6"w, $595


Indigo Collection Curvy Vases
Left: 11"h × 7"w, $625;   Center: 10½"h × 8"w, $625;   Right: 11"h × 6½"w, $595


Indigo Collection Dinner Plates
Made to order, 6-8 week lead time
10½" diameter, $350 each


Painted Pedestal Vase
10¾"h × 5½"w

Indigo Collection Flower Boxes
9¾"h × 8"w × 4¼"d, $975
One remaining

Indigo Collection Canister Vases
(L) 6"h × 6"w, $375; (R) 5¼"h × 6"w, $350

Indigo Collection Tall Cylinder Vases, rustic finish
(L) 14"h × 4½"w, $595; (R) 9½"h × 4½"w, $425


Stoneware Painted Banner Pitcher
7½"h × 6½"w


Stoneware Mugs
4½"h × 3¾"w
$195 each


Porcelain Star Mugs
4½"h × 3¼"w
$195 each


Indigo Collection Pitcher
8¼"h × 6"w

Large Indigo Collection Pitchers

Large Indigo Collection Pitchers
(L) 9"h × 8½"w   (R) 8¾"h × 8"w

Celadon Tumblers
(Large) 10"h × 4"w, $175;   (Medium) 7"h × 3½"w, $95;   (Small) 6½" × 3", $70