Clay is a beautiful, tactile material to work with and I find the aesthetic and technical challenges of construction, glazing, and firing endlessly interesting. I make new things, which often look quite old. My work is inspired by classic fabric patterns and Piranesi etchings and all things beautifully made, from shoes to bridges. I try to balance form with rich color and surface, and to give each piece graceful lines and proportions. I love making objects that are used and lived with everyday: mugs that tuck into your hand, platters to serve your favorite meal, and vases to fill with flowers.

I have been working in clay for over 20 years, and here in Brooklyn at New Clay Studios, the ceramic facility I founded, since 2002. I make each piece myself from start to finish, and I fire all my work in a gas kiln, which reaches a temperature of 2400 degrees. Each firing is different from the next, informed by the glazes, the way the kiln is stacked, even the weather. Taming the fire and controlling its effect, is perhaps the most challenging and perplexing part of the process. Opening the kiln (which takes 4 days to fire, holds about 70 pieces, and represents months of work) is exciting and always a bit disappointing. Maybe if it were perfect each time I would lose interest.